Briefing from Belarus

A lot has changed in Belarus since the election of August 9th. Protests continue unabated, as the regime responds with increasing brutality. And every chapter of the story is warped through the lens of propaganda.

Get up to speed with the story so far, as Press Club takes you through the reality — and the unreality — faced by the people of Belarus.
Founder of Press Club Belarus
Financial Director
Programme Director
Yuliya Slutskaya
Sergey Olshevski
Alla Sharko
Members of the Press Club Belarus team are on remand from December 22, 2020. Read their story.
Peter Slutsky
Integrity. Strength. Yulia.
This is the story of Yulia Slutskaya, who brought journalists, business people, civic activists and even the state together in the Press Club Belarus and was imprisoned for it.